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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Spirit : essence of Life

We say Time heals everything, because passing Time is a mighty thing, but have we ever wondered why is Time such a great healer. Its because the human Spirit lets it to be, the real Good thing is the Spirit. Because if the Spirit never let go off things or if it permanently clung to good or bad things, or it was altered forever by certain events, then even Time would fail as the great healer.

Our Spirit is the innermost, sacred and most powerful thing that we have with us on earth, to our disposal. In a single lifetime we go through thousands of ups & downs, hundreds of joys & sorrows, several setbacks & high-points, but we continue living and never let any of those things affect us permanently. The primal instinct to Live & carry on Living, coupled with a ever shining spirit are the true cause of man-made wonders. Even in adversity men sail through and alter the course of destiny. When everything fails, nobody and nothing seems to be in our favour the mind continues to believe and even struggles to the point of dragging forward, it ultimately surpasses the dark period, all this because of the guiding Spirit, that just doesn't give up.

We may have a lot of problems in life or maybe we are fault for not performing our duties or even have committed sins, the Spirit is never affected, its always as pure as it was when we were born. The mind may be guilt ridden, conscience maybe full of remorse, the heart may be full of pain, the brain may have given up on logic; its the Spirit inside of us which says that being a better person is still possible, that putting an end to all wrong-doings is still possible, a hope for a better life is never beyond the horizon as long as the Spirit inside us Lives on.

Believe in the eternal sanctity of Spirit, that it stays as pristine as it ever gets. Whatever may be your situation, predicament or problem connect to your Spirit, shake off all the negativity and breakthrough your inner barriers. Just rekindle your Spirit and live your life to the fullest. In my belief Spirit is the Essence of Life.


dhamriyani dinesh said...

Really spriti-fying!! Inspiring and full of positivity. Keep it up buddy!

dhamriyani dinesh said...

Really spriti-fying!! Inspiring and full of positivity. Keep it up buddy.