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Saturday, October 20, 2012

Spirit : essence of Life

We say Time heals everything, because passing Time is a mighty thing, but have we ever wondered why is Time such a great healer. Its because the human Spirit lets it to be, the real Good thing is the Spirit. Because if the Spirit never let go off things or if it permanently clung to good or bad things, or it was altered forever by certain events, then even Time would fail as the great healer.

Our Spirit is the innermost, sacred and most powerful thing that we have with us on earth, to our disposal. In a single lifetime we go through thousands of ups & downs, hundreds of joys & sorrows, several setbacks & high-points, but we continue living and never let any of those things affect us permanently. The primal instinct to Live & carry on Living, coupled with a ever shining spirit are the true cause of man-made wonders. Even in adversity men sail through and alter the course of destiny. When everything fails, nobody and nothing seems to be in our favour the mind continues to believe and even struggles to the point of dragging forward, it ultimately surpasses the dark period, all this because of the guiding Spirit, that just doesn't give up.

We may have a lot of problems in life or maybe we are fault for not performing our duties or even have committed sins, the Spirit is never affected, its always as pure as it was when we were born. The mind may be guilt ridden, conscience maybe full of remorse, the heart may be full of pain, the brain may have given up on logic; its the Spirit inside of us which says that being a better person is still possible, that putting an end to all wrong-doings is still possible, a hope for a better life is never beyond the horizon as long as the Spirit inside us Lives on.

Believe in the eternal sanctity of Spirit, that it stays as pristine as it ever gets. Whatever may be your situation, predicament or problem connect to your Spirit, shake off all the negativity and breakthrough your inner barriers. Just rekindle your Spirit and live your life to the fullest. In my belief Spirit is the Essence of Life.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

kranebits #6

Whether planting a Green Tree in the heart or soil either way we are contributing to a good Atmosphere.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Prayer (प्रार्थना)


हे भगवन,
जिनसे मैं प्यार करुँ, मेरी खुशीयाँ उन्हें दे देना।
जो मुझसे प्यार करें, उनके दुख मुझे दे देना।

हे प्रभू,
इस जीवन में कर्म, धर्म और फर्ज़ का पालन करुंगा।
आप सुख, शानती, सम्रिद्धी और सद्बुद्धी की कृपा  बनाये रखना।


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

kranebits #5

Work as if Today is the Last chance, Enjoy as if the Life would Never end.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

kranebits #4

You may help with money the people you are concerned for, but the ones you love and care for shall always get your time and energy.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

kranebits #3

At all times be 'DRIVEN'  by Something, Someone,  a Dream, an Aspiration or a Cause; else you might be living but not ALIVE.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

kranebits #2

अगर खुदा से दुआ में किसी का प्यार मांगो; तो उनसे बाँटने के लिये सुहानी धूप, खुश्क हवा, बह्ता पानी और पक्षी-गान भी मांगना।

Monday, August 20, 2012

kranebits #1

Believe in Yourself and then Take the Bull by its Horns; after-all problems need to be dealt with.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Taj Mahal

In 1632 A.D., Taj Mahal was built by Mughal emperor 'Shah Jahan', in loving memory of his third wife 'Mumtaz Mahal'(Arjumand Banu Begum). She died during the birth of their fourteenth child, a daughter named 'Gauhara Begum'. Though the famous monument is technically a mausoleum, where eventually Shah Jahan too was buried after his death in 1666 A.D., but due to its magnificence and sheer beauty we overlook that fact and count it among 7 wonders of the world. Though I haven't visited the great monument but looking at its images, makes me wonder that so much was the love of the king for his queen that he spent many a years and huge sums of money on construction of such a gigantic structure. That would be considered symbol of love world over, even several centuries later.

Today in 2012 A.D., the year of troubling questions (Prophecy of Nostradamus and Mayan calendar, etc) about continuum of our existence and possible destruction of earth by natural disasters and man-made causes, people still Love. Amidst fast-paced life, suburban rush hours and health complications at an early age, true love finds its place in young and mature hearts alike. With today's world economy a common man finds it difficult to buy an appropriate house for his family along with securing admission into A-Grade schools for his children, let alone getting a blueprint of Taj Mahal. These days life is tough to even get by, i.e. if not stricken by accidents or sudden illnesses or other silent killers, if any of this happens then hell breaks loose.

But I believe, Love still enjoys being one of the best things in a Human's Life, thriving upon pure and deep emotions. When you are in Love, and at the same time struggling with economy and social life, you still try to be nice and keep each other happy. This undying effort in all times is fueled by true Love. You may not be able to build a Beach side Villa, for your loved one but, you can love them to pieces. You can make your partner feel as if their body is your place of worship, and yours is a fort guiding them from worldly troubles of this life. You can lead a life, giving them the key to your heart forever and making them feel privileged of it, of course both partners have to come forward for such arrangements to work on both sides.

In love, communication is the key to a fruitful, satisfying and a successful relationship. If you leave aside frequent meetings, roaming in malls, showering each other with expensive gifts and even reduce physical intimacy to an extent, just try to maintain good communication. And with that your relation would still be in a state of bliss, owing to communication. The human mind is no doubt a complex structure; on top of that a Lover's mind is entirely a different thing. Communication is a bridge between these two complex structures, i.e. the minds of Lovers. In a new relationship, the bridge is large and long. As both partners mature along with their relation, they get close and the bridge becomes shorter and narrower. When lovers recognize each other fully and their Love is at its deepest state of selfless love, the bridge vanishes and the two minds become One. The One Mind entity is nothing but their Taj Mahal. And it can be rightly called so, because of the love, time, efforts and sacrifices both partners have put into it.

Thus, in this modern day Life one can aspire to build such a Taj Mahal out of Love for their partner.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Take the Plunge

If you are waiting for someone or a particular day or something else to happen first and then plan to move ahead, don't wait. It's not advisable. Many a times in life we wait for certain condition or event, when in reality that's just an excuse not to move forward on our own. The reason can be any fear of risking something, anxiety of losing, lack of enthusiasm or plain laziness.

When we think that, there will be a better tomorrow, and we would be a nicer person on a cheerful day and do all the things we have kept on hold, it's an illusion, such tomorrow never comes. Believe You, Me. Only when we do something Today, it's then that we enter a new Tomorrow, else there's nothing, keeping on hold & waiting with an excuse is a farce.

The biggest problem in such cases is, we take a hell lot of assumptions like, I would never be involved in a fatal car accident, my butt can never be on the line of fire, I am always right, I will do it tomorrow if not today, etc. We are fooling ourselves and no one else. We take people, parents, siblings, love and other relationships, even our Life to be for granted. Which we never should. Because, the longer we take such things for granted, greater the Reality Bites us.

If Nature were to punish us, it would move a finger and we would be standing buck-naked in Sahara Desert, don't think that this is absurd; Nature has a logical way of doing all the things, that we consider far-fetched or impossible to happen to us.

Whatever it is that you need to do or want to do, get it done now, today or at-least get it started, if not finished, Life is short if we start regretting about things. But Life is Large, if we keep on moving ahead. Be Bold, move ahead in Life, Take the Plunge.