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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Crumbling World

My world as much I have is crumbling down to bits & pieces. The relationships are just antiques. I am useless to the socially active community. No light falls upon my ugly state of affairs. The ignored leakages will drip me to plague. I was never dutiful, and never experienced bountiful. All the loneliness that I've ever experienced, has summed up before my eyes, swallowing me whole. Maybe some fears are worse than death can ever be. Death will take us away, while fears torment us profuse.

You went away without a reason, in-fact were never near, I realize now. It was just my wishful thinking that you'd be mine, you were never a chance in the real world. I don't know how much time has passed since you ceased to exist. Now, there's nothing of you and nothing else left for me. I threw away your presence, whilst day-dreaming I'm in Love. If only I could live with you once.

The undead chest still breathes, the slack muscles would pack a punch. My pain says I'm alive. Fears give me a cause to run. The Satan Bull is raging towards me, perhaps my survival is dismal. If somehow I could getaway from, still have to survive with a neurotic brain. Starting my journey thusly now, I spearhead through unknown territories, only to land one-piece on a place, that would somehow be called, Life.

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Anonymous said...

Is this what happens before giving an MBA Entrance?? Btw who is the 'you' in it?