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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

In this World...

When I feel powerless, I look up to God

When I feel lonely, I yearn for friends' company

When I'm hurt, I seek my inner consoling self

When I need love, I call my Jaan

When I want to travel, Lord sends opportunity

When I'm hungry, refrigerator is not so far

When I'm lost, I trust my instincts

When I'm tired, I take the day off

When I'm happy, SMSes are forwarded to all

When I'm in a dilemma, my heart takes the charge

 When I fall ill, my family absorbs the shock and rejuvenates me above the usual par

In this world, I have truly got it all.


Anonymous said...

mast hai

RAHUL said...

nd when i wanna read some good articles ur blog is not so far!!

Amits said...

Gr8..completely agree with this