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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Perfection Exists! ?

        When we err and fail, people try to cheer us up by saying "Nobody is perfect, better try again", and when we tend to be lazy we get to hear "Practice makes Man perfect, get up and work". Does it mean that, perfection can't be achieved? and that we always work tending to be perfect, while never really achieving it ? Have you ever thought about Perfection, whether it really exists or not ?

        In my view, a thing, a place or a person may not be perfect in itself, but their togetherness or a certain combination or a harmony in which they work or are related can be perfect. For example, meeting a celebrity on your birthday, winning a lottery on an auspicious day, running into an old friend just before your engagement, etc. are all instances when we say, "we were lucky", meaning somehow situations were perfect as a whole and not necessarily each thing in its own might.

        When we have a good holiday with family it's a perfect getaway, when a couple suit each other in personality and character they are termed as a perfect couple, scoring full marks in your favorite subject is a perfect treat, etc. all such things are called perfect because we couldn't ask for more in each of these scenarios.

        Thus, perfection can't be searched in individuals or in pieces of steel or glass for that matter, it has to be observed and felt in the synergy of things, which is the real beauty of it.

        In the spiritual sense, think about the joys and sorrows, sunny and rainy days, ups and downs, dusk and dawn, etc. you just can't pick out a single thing and go on scrutinizing it for its value or its characteristics, it's their presence together which makes them worth and meaningful. Think about the planet earth, cold mountains, huge rivers, dense forests, endangered wild animals, We Selfish Humans, etc. are useless alone but, with everything synergizing together as humans, flora and fauna, seasons, etc. earth is a perfect place to be. We have to just recognize the underlying patterns, then we surely would be marveled and start believing in perfection on a scale larger than life.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

In this World...

When I feel powerless, I look up to God

When I feel lonely, I yearn for friends' company

When I'm hurt, I seek my inner consoling self

When I need love, I call my Jaan

When I want to travel, Lord sends opportunity

When I'm hungry, refrigerator is not so far

When I'm lost, I trust my instincts

When I'm tired, I take the day off

When I'm happy, SMSes are forwarded to all

When I'm in a dilemma, my heart takes the charge

 When I fall ill, my family absorbs the shock and rejuvenates me above the usual par

In this world, I have truly got it all.