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Friday, June 17, 2011

i Care about You

Dear Jaan, I may seem possessive and jealous at times, but that’s only because I’m concerned about you. I may even prevent you outright from doing something, no I don’t own you; I’m worried of unforeseen consequences. We do have heated arguments, but I don’t want to prove any superiority there. Misunderstandings are common and we must understand that. You are all that I need in this world, believe me.

My erratic behavior is habitual and I’m sorry for that, Thanks a lot you never left my side as all those years went by. We spend hours around each other, without speaking much, but no; our relationship is not hollow, the mind sometimes just shuts down. I have loved and cared for you in my own numerous ways. If I’m not up to the mark for you, just give me another chance and let me make it happen. We are not holding onto our relationship unwillingly as it may occur to you, in fact the depth of our Love has held us together in all sorts of situations that we’ve seen. Our growing distance may even make you think that I don’t love you anymore; but believe you me, I do Care about you and that’s not only because you are my responsibility, but also because You are my Life. Love you