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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Little Good Thing

     We Humans are not perfect in any sense, though mentally most evolved of all animals. We live in social groups, eat, love, roam, enjoy and lie. Yes, we also have a set of our own negative traits. Everyone of us has one or more of these hidden wrong-doings, it can be anything like lying, procrastinating, laziness, jealousy, rudeness, etc, the list is too long.

     The strange thing is that, many of us are aware of the negative thing we carry inside us, which has become an integral part of our character and we still continue to live with it. Some people don’t even try to get rid of it, some attempt with futility, end result is that most of the stuff is stuck with us anyways.

     But, I believe most of us balance it off, if not getting completely rid of it. What I mean is, deep inside our mind while we acknowledge the negativity associated with us, we also have Atleast One if not more, ‘Little Good Thing’, inside of us. It may be a good habit, a prayer, feeding birds, or any compensation of sorts, towards the negativity we produce around us. That ‘Little Good Thing’ assures our soul, of some good deeds we are doing for the people around us, towards this world as a whole, dedicating it to The Almighty who gave us this Human Life. We keep doing this ‘Little Good Thing’ in all the times of our life, good or bad, thick or thin, leisurely or tense; we always find time to do it. This is what balances our Act in this World.

     So, what is your ‘Little Good Thing’ ?