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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Answer

You spend years of your life after fallout, searching for a definite purpose, a real Goal, the thing that your mind can digest as ‘The Answer’. The thing that you would strive for, which compels you to burn the midnight oil, it’s a process of self-torture but you go through it, because it gives a meaning to your life.

You eat tons, enjoy insomnia, ogle at TV screen for hours, pointless social networking for days at a stretch, repeated boring masterminding in bathroom, still none of it yields close to a thought, let alone an epiphany. An outing is planned you muster up enthusiasm, scratch your rear, enjoy long drives, burp indecently, come home after days of wandering, yet no output.

The mind has its own thousands of internal thought processes, and when you aren’t even expecting it, the complex Brain of yours spits an idea with a Fiery Spark, which you were waiting for, this thing alone constitutes all & whole of, ‘The Answer’.

You review it in excitement, and when it stands out to be True & Practical you are further amazed, yes The Mind Answered. This is what I was talking about in “The Within (my previous post)”, now you have got the Fireball in your hands, everything is up to you. Do, die, use, misuse, waste it, taste it, or whatever is freaking possible, you can go ahead & do with it; it’s a Master Key that you now hold.

For quite a while now, you have whined & waited, cried & scratched, yelled & punched, but now you have ‘The Answer’, ask yourself or rather the ‘Question’ itself questions you, “What you Gonna do ?”


mantiz said...

nice one man.. couldn't have put it better myself. keep blogging, i just did a Ctrl+D :)

Shweta said...

one of the true facts of life ......