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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Code Red

There is this thing, person, event, possibility, opportunity or outcome that you need, want or desire and wish to meet, acquire or see it happen. When nothing happens, it ditches you, refuses to take place or simply stands still faraway looking at your face heartlessly, you don't like it.

It is snatched, forbidden, stopped, forsaken or debarred to you, from you, for you or generally disallowed and you can't help it. It can be God, nature, another human being, one's laziness or your own Karma that has let you down, you don't like it.

I say, you fill yourself with Energy, hop on the Horse of Confidence, pull the Sword of Strength out of the dusty Scabbard and cut through the throat of all the difficulties in front of you. If it isn't possible run them over with your Beast of a Horse. And lastly, if the nemesis stands faraway mocking at you, pull out the Gun of Foresight Foolproof Future Planning, and hit it in the Eye. Remember, Rage is your only Ally, declare Code Red all over, terminate everything in your way, make a Hell Sweep on Earth.

Get to the thing of yours, claim it, hold it, love it, cherish it forever. Damn everything else, Go Conquer. Best Wishes.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

is this my Life ?

This Life, I am living, don't feel any connection with it whatsoever, clearly indicating I don't belong here, this is not my life. I seem to be put in somebody else's body and thus Life. As if one fine day, I must have slept over when this swap occurred and here I am dealing with his situations, no use putting me here, I am a sheer waste of the human body.

Family: This guy's family is loving, caring and cool. The mistakes I'm committing here don't even ask, perhaps you wouldn't even want to hear, if I started speaking about them. Inside their minds they may loathe me, or may be not, but on the outer level they never confront me, all my transgressions go unseen and I'm allowed to live as it is, so much compassion and forgiveness, lucky guy he must be, to have been born to these parents.

Lover: As if the mystery of her invisible presence wasn't enough, her On/Off love-hate relation with me is an added bomb to the rugged love-life this guy must be having with her. She's so loving and adorable at one time, and a microwave oven the next instant, comprehensively grilling me, whether its a peccadillo or a blunder that I've committed. She's cute, beautiful and a wonderful person, but hard to be kept happy by a disgust like me.

Friends: The guy must be a clown himself, he's got a friend of each kind funny, serious, neutral, emotional, dutiful you name it he has it. Each one of them has got his own set of problems, still they gather over a cup of tea and dish out advice to every other friend in the group. I don't know what was his equation with these guys, but I just pray, God help him and his friends, may they be at peace.

World : The world is going on as always with its bustling nature, energy flow from here to there and vice versa. The Sun God shining brightly, birds flying free as they wish, people engaging in enjoyable activities, the daily cycle of day & night changing colours, etc. All this except the fact that none of this is affecting me, as if there was an impermeable plastic between me and this world. This makes it quite obvious that I'm not meant to be living this life.

Is this a bad dream ?, it would mean I'm still asleep and seeing my own life where everything is good, but me. Or is it that, I am put through this ordeal only to mend my ways?, and that I would be put back into my life only when I change for good, or worse thing I will have to keep up with this act till I die, as a compensation for a lousy past, I had back there in my own life.

what do You say ?...