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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Photos December 4, 2010

~@First View@~

~@Burning Colours@~

~@New Shoots@~

~@Natural Design@~

~@Sage Peak@~

~@Beyond the Cliff@~

~@Faraway Land@~

~@Awaiting Renewal@~

~@Burnt Remains@~

~@River of No Water@~

~@My Friends@~


Anonymous said...

Really fantastic photographs.. i must congratulate u n wish u all d very best.

Gopsay said...

Nice set of photos! What camera do you have? DSLR eh?

Anonymous said...

lonavala kaun kaun aya tha??

Neneng Tarigan said...

Wow....u can make those burning colors so fantastic!!!! Bravo!!!!

Gaurav Tārkar said...

nice photos, i like the wheat fields. i think u can enhance them more with photoshop use.

Anonymous said...

pickhas r osumm ...supalikee.....:):)

gpknaidu said...

nice photos n superb sceneries.

docmench said...

Are you the one taking these photos? They are amazing..the work of a professional

Amit R. Purswani said...

@docmench, thankyou for the nice compliments. Yes, I myself took these photos.

RAHUL said...

simply awesome!!!

RAHUL said...

simply awesome!!!