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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Fear and Insecurity

There are weaknesses in us which we are aware of, and others which are new-found in our minds, when facing fresh situations.Whichever is the type, weakness is a draining mechanism, it robs us of our vital force the 'confidence' and thus impairing us to face what others may find a normal situation, let alone the tricky ones.

The weakness does not show its ugly head, until we are faced with a situation that renders us weak or acknowledges it, by demanding a strong and composed state of mind, when we can't have one. Even at the thought of facing it, we become restless and by all means try to avoid it or push it down the line if its inevitable. It can be anything like being among a crowd of 1000 people, traveling along steep valleys, facing bullies, flying in a plane, cut-throat business competition, etc.

The greater problem is, our deep-rooted insecurities coupling with our weaknesses, when this happens it makes up for one of the worst days of our life. The state we get into thus is, fear. Fear grips us tightly, we can't breathe, can't think neither can we do anything else, we are simply crippled. Fear in itself may be a negative emotion on almost all occasions but, it is this fear, which forces us to think beyond our problem, show courage and to do what we have never done before. Fear, thus can also be a key to our hidden potential, unleashed in the wake of lurking danger.

A certain day you fear facing your weakness and suddenly you even see a chance to lose a precious thing or even your beloved, you make out by then you are doomed. Yes these days come, we have to stand-up and march ahead, this is what is called 'Against All Odds', we have to keep walking in all circumstances.

All the situations, each problem, every enemy says to us, 'Be More Strong the Next Time', because confrontations will always take place, until we live. So the way to LIVE the Life is only one, 'Be Good and Strong', but be ready to face the fears and live beyond them, thus overcoming weaknesses and putting to rest the insecurities.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Photos December 4, 2010

~@First View@~

~@Burning Colours@~

~@New Shoots@~

~@Natural Design@~

~@Sage Peak@~

~@Beyond the Cliff@~

~@Faraway Land@~

~@Awaiting Renewal@~

~@Burnt Remains@~

~@River of No Water@~

~@My Friends@~