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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Still Life

The city climate is unstable, rains, heat wave, and winter breeze all coming over and going away within a span of few days, Ulhasnagar is raining in November strange, yet ok for me, because anyways what difference does it make to a Still Life, like that of mine.

No progress whatsoever since years in me and my work, no development in my Quests for a better tomorrow, no advancement in my techniques to overcome this status-quo which I've been holding onto since last many years.

But, as always I would try to change it, (if I really want to I mean), hell did I ever want the change, maybe the answer is No, and it was all sub-conscious, because I was never the direct target of the ill situations and mind numbing problems that were inherently brought-up by me in this world, making other's(the ones that I love and mean the most) lives near hell, and yet I never changed myself for so many years(shame on me).

Living this life is like standing knee-deep in river Ganga, the stream gracefully flowing caressing me, and I can only see it go away before my eyes, approaching me from back and just running past me so lovingly and healing my self-hurt life, the Ganga like those many people in my Life who did all the good things for me and yet it is strange, I can't Thank all of them all at once, can just try to do my part by being a right person and forwarding my feelings of gratitude with devoted good deeds towards all of them as one, at this very instant itself and individually too, the Ganga be prayed to with joint hands and a thanks from a man to God.

Yet, the sweetest lesson I've learn't is, Love is Alive, is it always was meant to be, and yet after so many years the Nectar of Love still touches my heart and is Sweet as it Ever was and as it ever could be.

Thanking all the people who played their part better than me in my Life. Cherishing the Godly Parents that I'm a son to, and much Love Jaan(ever wishing to be with you always).