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Thursday, October 7, 2010


Tum kitne Sundar ho, kisi Raahgir se pucho,
Tum kaise Batiyate ho, Padosiyon se pucho,
Tum kitna Jhagda karte ho, Gharwalon se pucho
Tum kitna Dil Dukhate ho, apne Mehboob se pucho,
Tum kitni Be-izzati karte ho, Doston se pucho,
Tum kitna Sharmate ho, Anjanon se pucho,
Tum kitne Pagal ho, Saathiyon se pucho,
Tum kitne Kameene ho, apne Dushmanon se pucho,
Tum kitne Shararti ho, Mohalle-waalon se pucho,
Tum kitne Acche ho, Gairon se pucho,
Tum kitne Hoshiyaar ho, Sahpathiyon se pucho,
Tum kitne Pyaare ho, Mujhse pucho.


hardyrockx said...

nice man!!!

Durga said...

Hey Amit! That's indeed a nice poem. I am not an expert but in poetry but this clearly indicated it was meant for someone special. Interesting choice of words though I just wished had the poem been written in the Hindi font.

Romeo Das said...

That was amazing Amit. You write beautifully. Bohot hi badhiya post tha yaar :)

Btw, hope you like my post - When love calls

Gaurav "Neo" Jaisinghani said...

to bataao, hum kitne pyaare hain?

Amit R. Purswani said...

@Gaurav - you have always been a Nice Friend. widening my horizons.