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Sunday, October 31, 2010


         Mother, Maa, Ammi, Amma, Amad, Mummy, Mom all are names of the Divine figure on earth our 'Mother'. What do you feel, what comes to your mind, when you read this word? Your school days when she let you have a fun time, fed you nice, made you sleep by caressing your head or your teenage years when she kept up with your erratic college schedules by getting up early and going to bed too late or are you reminded of the days when, how even after your marriage she took care of you and your spouse alike in her own loving ways, whether you are a girl or boy, good or bad, young or old, Mother's Love always remains Same, Eternal and Ageless just like Herself.She stands by us always whether we are right or wrong, protects us from every possible threat, endangering her own self, she guards us against all the possible threats from the whole world courageously.

         She gives us all we ever want and fulfills each of our needs, we never even bother to think, what is necessary for her and whether she has it.She cares for us meticulously all through her life, we never even have a good look at her, how she looks, is she alright, no we never do that.She prepares nutritious food everyday and lavish meals on special occasions, but always feeds herself with the left-overs as if she is a dustbin.

         She teaches us the Right way to live, we never think, How wrong we have been treating her so bad.She tells us to straighten-up ourselves and behave nicely, for this we resent her and hurl insults.She works all through the day to meet our requirements, we never care to lend a hand and ease her stress.

         Instead, when she steps back sheepishly in-front of an electronic escalator, we shout on her calling her an embarrassment, but never take her out for walks and let her gain some confidence in her middle-age.When we notice hair in our lunch, we scream and give-up the meal, but never notice her damaged gray hair and take her to a doctor.We are irritated when she can't handle the T.V. remote properly, but we don't realize that she actually never got time to sit-back and relax in all these years that passed by.When we can't find a thing in kitchen, we yell obnoxiously, but fail to imagine how she caters to our one hell of a family.

         Mother Loves us, and always forgives us even after her death, but God stops forgiving us the day he takes Her away.

P.S. I have no words to describe you Mom. Love You.

Friday, October 29, 2010

NauJawan Pyaar

Darta nahi ye pyaar uske baapse
Darta hai sirf apne karm ke paapse

Is umar mein itna kuch kardiya
Sab kuch yuhin complicated banadiya

Pyaar tujhe karta hun bahut jaaneman
Saabit nahi karpaaya abtak apne dil ki aggan

Yaad bahut karta hun tumko
Roz thoda marta hun samjho

Kami tumhari chubhti hai mujhko
Dinbhar akela rulati hai phir toh

Phone par adayein tumhari lagti hain khaas
Jaane kab sachmein baithogi mere paas

Kadi mehnat se tumhein banaunga apna
Phir hoga poora humdono ka sapna

Galtiyon ko meri kardo maaf
Is gandagi ko kardunga zindagi se saaf

Nibhaunga tumse har ek vaada
Karunga pyaar tumhe khudse bhi zyada

Musibaton mein sahara tum ho sanam
Jeevan ka pyaara lakshya bhi Tumhi ho, kasam.

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Tum kitne Sundar ho, kisi Raahgir se pucho,
Tum kaise Batiyate ho, Padosiyon se pucho,
Tum kitna Jhagda karte ho, Gharwalon se pucho
Tum kitna Dil Dukhate ho, apne Mehboob se pucho,
Tum kitni Be-izzati karte ho, Doston se pucho,
Tum kitna Sharmate ho, Anjanon se pucho,
Tum kitne Pagal ho, Saathiyon se pucho,
Tum kitne Kameene ho, apne Dushmanon se pucho,
Tum kitne Shararti ho, Mohalle-waalon se pucho,
Tum kitne Acche ho, Gairon se pucho,
Tum kitne Hoshiyaar ho, Sahpathiyon se pucho,
Tum kitne Pyaare ho, Mujhse pucho.