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Friday, September 10, 2010

Rain Photos 2010

~Ravishing Fullness~

~Man's simple geometry , about to get waterlogged~

~People in various modes, under the rain~


~Abundant Greens~

~The distant part of the city is disappearing beyond view, into the grip of rain clouds~


~Numerous Birds, Single Shelter~


~Green Grounds~

~Some water trails~


~We stand Wirlessly Wired~

~Square Tops~

~Umbrella View~

~Blown Away~


princeofusa said...

Hey amit, nice pics....are these of year 2010?..They look no different from 26th july event :)

Nagraj said...

Which location is it?

Amit R. Purswani said...

All photos were taken from my building's terrace.

RedDevil said...

Really Good :)

Dinesh said...

Hey!! really nice ones

Akshay said...

Nice photos!! The buildings and the skyline reminded me of the typical Kalyan--Dombivli side of Bombay.

srinivasarao said...

These are some nice photos. Great work!!