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Friday, September 17, 2010


          A sudden change, not thought of, couldn't have asked for, directly from the blue, is what it takes to bring you out of negative frenzy and self-destruction.

          It happened to me the other day, an old friend visited my shabby self, took me out for some snacks and on top of that I asked him for a long ride, we were on a bike.We enjoyed the ride, the road was beautifully curved throughout, the landscape had amassed greenery upto every visible horizon, and the atmosphere was pain alleviating.

          It sparked the positivity in me and 'happiness without a reason' was showered upon, I enjoyed Nature, and a desire to do something good, be it anything, lured me.I will continue living nicely, whatever the situation be, I will work,enjoy and pray.

          The bad things happen to us either because, as a punishment for the past wrong-doings or to teach us some other valuable lesson, so that we avert any other possible, big future crisis.If something uncalled-for happens, accept it, face it and move-on,it may not solve the problem immediately but you surely have taken a step towards resolution, don't linger on the floor in destitute, emerge more lively and cheerful out of it. That's LiFe!.

To, All you People, my Best Wishes for everything you do.


CRD said...

i don't believe in the karma part...but yeah, when life offers you lemons, you make have only one life after all..nevermind what they say about the afterlife


Yash B said...

Nice blog .. had a quick look .. makes it for a good read ! I like the pictures too .. you should take up photography seriously, u sure have the eye for it. Enjoy and keep writing !

neha said...

hey this ws for urs n sanjus meet??? nice ya....