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Monday, September 27, 2010

Photos September 27, 2010

~For some ginger is a flavour, for others its food~

~Nature's Abundance left unattended~

~Sunset in Woods~

~Blooming Rose~


~ManasMandir Jain Temple, Asangaon~


~Sleeping Specimen~

~ " Where's my mood ? " ~

~ " A New Day, let's make the most of it. " ~

Friday, September 17, 2010


          A sudden change, not thought of, couldn't have asked for, directly from the blue, is what it takes to bring you out of negative frenzy and self-destruction.

          It happened to me the other day, an old friend visited my shabby self, took me out for some snacks and on top of that I asked him for a long ride, we were on a bike.We enjoyed the ride, the road was beautifully curved throughout, the landscape had amassed greenery upto every visible horizon, and the atmosphere was pain alleviating.

          It sparked the positivity in me and 'happiness without a reason' was showered upon, I enjoyed Nature, and a desire to do something good, be it anything, lured me.I will continue living nicely, whatever the situation be, I will work,enjoy and pray.

          The bad things happen to us either because, as a punishment for the past wrong-doings or to teach us some other valuable lesson, so that we avert any other possible, big future crisis.If something uncalled-for happens, accept it, face it and move-on,it may not solve the problem immediately but you surely have taken a step towards resolution, don't linger on the floor in destitute, emerge more lively and cheerful out of it. That's LiFe!.

To, All you People, my Best Wishes for everything you do.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Dear Jaan,

We are together historically
We speak, whenever in public, sporadically
We always behave ethically
We stay far away geographically
Whenever we meet, it is planned technically
We argue, opposing each other diametrically
We correct each other grammatically
We explain each other diagrammatically
A secret is enclosed behind our lips, hermetically
We live through each tough day, drastically
We love each other dramatically
We kiss over the miles aerodynamically
We hug tightly in our dreams ergonomically
Our fate is suspended mid-air, critically
We will always be together psychosomatically

Love You Shona.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Rain Photos 2010

~Ravishing Fullness~

~Man's simple geometry , about to get waterlogged~

~People in various modes, under the rain~


~Abundant Greens~

~The distant part of the city is disappearing beyond view, into the grip of rain clouds~


~Numerous Birds, Single Shelter~


~Green Grounds~

~Some water trails~


~We stand Wirlessly Wired~

~Square Tops~

~Umbrella View~

~Blown Away~

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Self-Destruction is the sweetest thing to do, where doer meets the done, seer sees the self, worker is the work.The target of self-destruction is always in sight.You may disagree with me firstly by saying cut this crap of negativity and secondly by suggesting other supposedly sweet things like chocolate, money, sex, love, adventure, etc.

I heard all those words, now please let me explain. Chocolate though sweet, starts and ends inside a small wrapper, gone inside your stomach even before you properly savour it. Money gives pleasure by either, you sitting atop its stash or spending it away, do you really like any of these options ? Sex is a natural need, you may enjoy it frequently on a feather-bed, but you need good stamina and of-course a partner for that, at the end it leaves you totally exhausted physically and blank mentally. Love is a thing you like to fall in, swim deep under and enjoy it all day long, but keeping up Love and loving somebody needs real good efforts, enjoying pillow-talk is one thing and keeping Love relation sweetly alive is another story altogether.Adventure gives you adrenaline rush, lets you lose control, makes you want it more but, can you have it the way you like it ? Its limited to a few unique doses, also you can't repeat it in the same way as you might have enjoyed it the first time, it gets boring with repetition.

In self-destruction, you have the victim as a guinea pig for all your trials and tribunals of a frustrated mind and a loner body. You can try newest methods of torture, long enough to fatigue you completely.The torments can begin anytime, the victim can never runaway, he can give-up anytime, the punishment may continue upto a point of insanity or sudden death.

You are a psychotic freak to everyone, a black-hole personified, a disaster machine and a hopeless case. Still, you don't feel anything, no pain, no uneasiness, no discomfort and that is why, you continue the process without a pause ever.It starts with a fit of rage, and when you are into it, it is pure inertia, the lack of strength to come out of it. Though you inflict pain upon self, you never lose the energy for doing so, you go on and on, till you reach a stage of deep self-realisation or someone breaking into your mind, who puts tremendous efforts to get you back to normal.Thus, its a whole new world of Substance Abuse, totally different from mundane world and regular people.

I just want to say, enjoy your lives, so long as you can. This is not cynicism, this is an account of Self-Destruction.