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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Take my Offering

The gushing sin waters
are threatening to engulf me
I face the limitless depths
on the sandy shores of Western Ghats
The guilt inside me dancing with ebb & flow
I had closed my eyes only once to be bad
The salty waters in here
are powering my nausea very bad
I turn my back to the quiet sunset
and for days together I run like a mad
Atop the serene Sahyadris I reach panting
it divides the two states of me
The air of self-destruction I left behind
pure cool breeze that I breathe
your kiss sent me in time
That morning you walk me through the Sahyadris
clearing up a timid and perplexed mind
I hug you puppy-soft
hereafter, you take complete charge
We breathe the same breath
harmonizing our two lives
I am all yours since ever my dear
my last beat shall die with thy name
And now I offer you my thorough-self completely
Annihilating me in the love into you
For we shall become us
and us shall become One
I thus give-up this me
Transcendentalizing myself into Thee

- Yours from the core to the brim,

P.S. I Love You Jaan.


resham said...

too good

Anurag Dubey said...

Nice one. Made me emotional.

Adisha said...

Very intense ... Nicely done !

Anonymous said...

Who is ur Jaan?