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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Take my Offering

The gushing sin waters
are threatening to engulf me
I face the limitless depths
on the sandy shores of Western Ghats
The guilt inside me dancing with ebb & flow
I had closed my eyes only once to be bad
The salty waters in here
are powering my nausea very bad
I turn my back to the quiet sunset
and for days together I run like a mad
Atop the serene Sahyadris I reach panting
it divides the two states of me
The air of self-destruction I left behind
pure cool breeze that I breathe
your kiss sent me in time
That morning you walk me through the Sahyadris
clearing up a timid and perplexed mind
I hug you puppy-soft
hereafter, you take complete charge
We breathe the same breath
harmonizing our two lives
I am all yours since ever my dear
my last beat shall die with thy name
And now I offer you my thorough-self completely
Annihilating me in the love into you
For we shall become us
and us shall become One
I thus give-up this me
Transcendentalizing myself into Thee

- Yours from the core to the brim,

P.S. I Love You Jaan.

Monday, August 2, 2010

After Drinking

1:44am, Monday, August 2, 2010,
I am not drunk, but yes I drank 2 and a half pegs of the Drink.I can say that after drinking so much, you stop feeling, but continue knowing, I know, I am writing this, but I can't feel that I am writing this.

I am chewing a chewing gum, which was enjoying dark solitude in a big carton kept inside my large shirt pocket for nearly 10.5 hours, since this afternoon before my appointment with the *Devil.

My feet keeps on sliding away, I can't balance the book I am writing on, I changed feet, but both are slippery sorry.

My mouth is open, but I ain't waiting for a fly to fly in my mouth and create buzzzz.. boooommmmm... hummmmm... aakTHOOOOffff........

My neck rests deep on pillow and hurts, its hard sitting like this.I cannot feel, but I know this, that I can't feel what I know.
I bite myself on the forearm in the car an hour or so ago, I didn't feel it, I knew it, I saw it. I kept my hand out of the window over the car's roof, no no I wasn't sitting inside a kaala-peela taxi.

I still know which of the things, I am thinking, that I am not feeling are secure/safe with me(they are ready to pop-out), those are never to be told.

My cousin learnt 'Cell Basics' from me, in this condition of mine, yes truly, I helped him with science half an hour ago.

The chewing gum isn't losing its mint, or is it my mouth fixated with the mint?
Naah, its the gum, I can still feel its minty chills.

I am wide awake right now, I walked over to my apartment before writing this, my feet didn't feel anything, but I knew they were doing something for sure, only couldn't figure out what exactly.

I can put a stop, to these torments provided I put my head down on the pillow,ohh please, my cursive writing keeps coming back, when I'm about to pass out or in too much hurry, by the way none of these cases is applicable here.

Hope you had a good time reading this and Inception was good, *Devil accompanied me to it.

Haa Haa, I'm still here, you bozos, I won't give up, when I've drank too much, thats my speciality anyways, gotta stop this nuisance,cya.