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Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Accho Patthar Mitho Patthar
Thado Patthar Sutho Patthar

Aahe keena heu mamuli patthar
Hinakhe disan saan the tho khushia jo asar

Suhagan ja virta heu chhode
Ghotas khe lambi umar bhi to de

Baar bachan lae aad-jugaad kha hi
Chanda mama kare tho sadaye

Shayar kalakar hinakhe disikare
Kavita mazmun likhan hazar

Dosta pahinje pyaare khel me
Chand khe suhino saathi banain

Door tadpanda premi vechara
Hinaje dwara pyaar paain

Hinaji kheerni shikil me
Premi hika bejo darshan paain

Nasa Isro Chand te pahuchi
Pahinji fateh roz tha sadain

Samjhan natha hinaji mahaanta
Heu Chandra Devta sade jagat jo aahe

Ram bhagwan bhi pahinje baal-pan me
Kedo na Chand lae hatth kayain

Munh jede akele raahi lae
Dost Bhrata Premi heu Chand aahe

Vishal failyal hina aasman me
Sadai khede Chand Chandnia saan

Rahe sada sabhni je dil me
Accho Patthar Mitho Patthar
Thado Patthar Sutho Patthar

Monday, July 19, 2010


Dear Jaan(missing you),

        I would define those times as happy when you and me were overlooking each others' faults, going out of our way to please each other, neglecting personal stuff, ignoring other people (even family and friends), those times last for a short period. But when we had it, the honey of love was spread to every second of the day, your talk was always kind and your words caressed my mind.

        We have even seen those times, when everything good vanishes, nothing sweet or nice remains, we don't even remain lovers, we hate each other so much that, our ego falls short of insults to hurl at each other, I don't know how does it happen or why? But yes we have had our many loveless days full of grudges and a mind full of hate-froth covering the true Love that we long back found in each other.

        In good and bad times both, I always felt "this is going to stay and won't change now", but it always changed, the Whites turned Black and subsequently Blacks faded to Whites.For years now, I have seen this cycle in our love-life, perhaps its a balance for us to live together forever, to love each other even knowing each others' mistakes, shortcomings, faults and our dirty attitude when we fight.

        But I want you to know that when we fight, I abuse you, hate you, even then I never wish something bad happens to you, I never ask God to punish you, I may make you feel miserable on phone, but I will never let anything or anyone trouble you, I can't bear that, its strange but, believe me its true.

        In good times, when you lie beside me, burying your face over my heart, I fear that this love, this feeling of inner fullness and outer completeness, the state of being one with you, won't stay and it does fade out and we have arguments and quarrels but, when they too pass away, we again fall into each others' arms and in the Lap of Love we lay.

Just to remind you, I Love You Jaan.

Yours Lovingly,

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Earth Hour 2010

Its really late to speak about it now but not too late, same as we humans haven't completely lost our planet to our whimsical use or I should rather say misuse of resources in a highly irresponsible way.

Below was the scenario around my building on Saturday 27th March 2010, time period was 8:30pm to 9:30pm, the Earth Hour 2010 that is.

{Our Sister Building}

{Do they wanna lit-up the sky?}

{Nearby Posh Apartments}

{The Chowk below}

{A Lavish Corporate Office, showing off}

{The Movie Theater has to do Business, Right!}

{Wedding Decoration on a Building}

{Another Wedding Celebration}

Above images, might not ring a bell in minds of many of you, that's the sad part. As I did, you too must, get to know that the idea behind Earth Hour is by putting off the Non-Essential lights and appliances, at the same time for an hour everywhere, we reduce the energy consumption drastically for some time.

Moreover, on a broader view this act is the representation of the unanimous resolve of the people all over the world to act responsibly in regards to the Global Warming by trying to actively reduce the carbon-footprint by various corrective and preventive measures.

The Earth Hour Organizers don't claim to reduce the energy/carbon burning amounts by this 60 minutes of lights out, actually they urge people to show the support in their endeavor for the betterment of the planet by agreeing to use energy resources wisely and curbing carbon-emissions wherever possible.

Gone are the days when people said use water and other resources prudently, now I believe, we must use them sparingly with utmost care not to waste any bit of it at all and we must follow the policy of "Recycle, Re-Use and Reduce" wherever possible.

Else, our planet will be nothing but a huge garbage heap and home to flies, pathogens, decomposing stuff, with no humans, because the rate at which we are degrading our planet, we can't adapt our own body to get used to such ecological conditions, within our life-span.

Realize this my friends, the Power to protect the Planet Earth is Ours and we are to take a Call and Act upon all the issues this very minute, Long Live Planet Earth.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Think It with me!

  • You can't even take the fraction of shit, your feet takes up everyday.
  • You needn't be a scientist to research, you have all what it takes, a 'Human Mind'.
  • The Human form of life is the biggest gift, the Planet Earth has to offer.
  • Lets face it, few people are afraid of just everything, yes I'm one of them.(by the way I'm not afraid to admit it)
  • No matter how cold-blooded you are, it takes guts to look your enemy into the eye and pull the trigger.
  • The dirty smells that I shove down the gutter daily are better than my stinking life.
  • The fat purse that I made up from my parents' money, gives my bum an ache and pinches my conscience too.
  • Its been months since I felt you, its been weeks since I touched you, its been days since I saw you, it was only yesterday that we met, Damn I'm already missing you.
  • The power that makes you a human is not only what you are, but also the 1000 different things that you can be.
  • You are only present in this outer world, with other people that is, the actual world that you live in, is inside your mind, it should be had and decorated according to your own wishes and likes, that's called a Life.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kabootar Community

Since childhood I have been sensitive to the needs of animals and birds.I liked when they were around me the dogs,hen,cows,and even pigs.The House Sparrows frequently built nests in my home in the space between the iron-bar beams and curvy asbestos-cement roof.The crows for reasons best known to them,when i ventured out in hot afternoons kinda pounced on my head,they always went empty handed,I never really understood what was the reason behind it.I rarely saw pigeons then.

In those days, i fed those animals but not the birds because back then i lived in a barrack home ground zero with a huge Pipal Tree in my courtyard overlooking the whole house even the surrounding ones, thus was more connected to animals with a very less access to the upper world of birds.

Since last few years,the nature shifted balance, I moved into an apartment in a new area, where dogs are known as stray; cows,hen are rarely seen, pigs are altogether thrown out of town.I have befriended birds now, animals in my locality are devoid of my attention, my bad, would soon do something about it.

But living in an apartment on the third floor sure gives you a pathway into the enchanting world of birds. I have seen Crows,Pigeons,House Sparrows, Parrots(rarely),Owls(late evenings),Common Myna,Sunbird(female),a pair of black-birds(i unfortunately don't know its name).

Today I will give you a peek into one of my dearest communities, the "Kabootar Community"(Pigeons).They sure are coy,get frightened easily, but they are the birds that trust humans quickly and once they start to feed on grains they throw the care to winds, until someone or something gets too close to them, then they fly away in a jiffy.To me, they are known to feed on Bajra,Jowar,Chickpea,Bhavnagiri.

Below are some captured moments that you may enjoy...

==>It seems that "birds of the same feather do not always flock together".<== ‬‬‬‬

==>Surely some game is going on between the two.<==

==>I witnessed this couple's togetherness, dramatic break-up and finally makeup.<== {Both are enjoying each others' company}

{Some disagreement at a new location}

{She's showing a fantail of disapproval}

{He: "go away"; She: "get a life loser"}

{Sometime later... He: "oh dear please come on"; She: "now you are talking"} ──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────

==>Love Session.<== {These lovers were hiding from me, begging for privacy}

{Later, I caught them having some 'coochie-coo' time } ──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────

==>The Evening Congregation for a brief meet,skinny dip and a water sip.<==


==>New Ones keep coming<== {Trying to get acquainted with me}

{They look into my eyes as if asking "may I come in ?" }


==>Langda Yogi<== {As soon as i saw it, i felt bad and was thinking how it must be managing everything}

{But suddenly it opened up}


==>Young Love<== {When i shot this, they had just got together}

{Some lovebirds just can't wait}


==>My Favorite(also the one i can recognize)<==

This one is regular every dusk and dawn, this is the only one that i can recognize among 100s I see daily, this one is special to me, its due to this Pigeon that i keep grains and water in my second balcony. {What a form!}

{Its wondering "whats going on with Amit today?"}

{Striking a pose for me}

{Enjoying Bajra}

{A Duck Pose}

==>The Death of It<== {When you Love someone, be prepared to lose them}