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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kabootar Community

Since childhood I have been sensitive to the needs of animals and birds.I liked when they were around me the dogs,hen,cows,and even pigs.The House Sparrows frequently built nests in my home in the space between the iron-bar beams and curvy asbestos-cement roof.The crows for reasons best known to them,when i ventured out in hot afternoons kinda pounced on my head,they always went empty handed,I never really understood what was the reason behind it.I rarely saw pigeons then.

In those days, i fed those animals but not the birds because back then i lived in a barrack home ground zero with a huge Pipal Tree in my courtyard overlooking the whole house even the surrounding ones, thus was more connected to animals with a very less access to the upper world of birds.

Since last few years,the nature shifted balance, I moved into an apartment in a new area, where dogs are known as stray; cows,hen are rarely seen, pigs are altogether thrown out of town.I have befriended birds now, animals in my locality are devoid of my attention, my bad, would soon do something about it.

But living in an apartment on the third floor sure gives you a pathway into the enchanting world of birds. I have seen Crows,Pigeons,House Sparrows, Parrots(rarely),Owls(late evenings),Common Myna,Sunbird(female),a pair of black-birds(i unfortunately don't know its name).

Today I will give you a peek into one of my dearest communities, the "Kabootar Community"(Pigeons).They sure are coy,get frightened easily, but they are the birds that trust humans quickly and once they start to feed on grains they throw the care to winds, until someone or something gets too close to them, then they fly away in a jiffy.To me, they are known to feed on Bajra,Jowar,Chickpea,Bhavnagiri.

Below are some captured moments that you may enjoy...

==>It seems that "birds of the same feather do not always flock together".<== ‬‬‬‬

==>Surely some game is going on between the two.<==

==>I witnessed this couple's togetherness, dramatic break-up and finally makeup.<== {Both are enjoying each others' company}

{Some disagreement at a new location}

{She's showing a fantail of disapproval}

{He: "go away"; She: "get a life loser"}

{Sometime later... He: "oh dear please come on"; She: "now you are talking"} ──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────

==>Love Session.<== {These lovers were hiding from me, begging for privacy}

{Later, I caught them having some 'coochie-coo' time } ──────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────────

==>The Evening Congregation for a brief meet,skinny dip and a water sip.<==


==>New Ones keep coming<== {Trying to get acquainted with me}

{They look into my eyes as if asking "may I come in ?" }


==>Langda Yogi<== {As soon as i saw it, i felt bad and was thinking how it must be managing everything}

{But suddenly it opened up}


==>Young Love<== {When i shot this, they had just got together}

{Some lovebirds just can't wait}


==>My Favorite(also the one i can recognize)<==

This one is regular every dusk and dawn, this is the only one that i can recognize among 100s I see daily, this one is special to me, its due to this Pigeon that i keep grains and water in my second balcony. {What a form!}

{Its wondering "whats going on with Amit today?"}

{Striking a pose for me}

{Enjoying Bajra}

{A Duck Pose}

==>The Death of It<== {When you Love someone, be prepared to lose them}


Blogopedia said...

i loved d pics and ur views on every pic.. last pic ws quite :(

Anonymous said...

ur observation is fantastic.......

dhamriyani said...

hey great work buddy!! nice shots. It can make anyone to have some feelings for KABOOTAR COMMUNITY

chiku said...

boss salute to you for this.....
really u live upto ur values, no matter how hard it is to follow them. N i felt good abt u tht atleast someone from the kabooter community recognises you n u are not alone nymore...