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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Lonely Girl

Lonely Girl is Miss Goods
Always under pretext of Hoods
Lurking daily in the Woods

Her thoughts are Cute
Speaks like an Old Flute
This Personality has deep Roots

On her face is an occasional Glow
Often thrown away by a bitter Blow
Forcing her behaviour to Let it Go

About the world she has no Clue
Friends in her life are very Few
Own folks behave as if Shrewd

She has always been on Ground
True love she has never Found
Badluck to her is quietly Around

Happiness from others she has to Borrow
Strangely she's always in Sorrow
She even tried to get help from Tarot

Her movements are smoothly Swift
With resources she's too Thrift
Seldom she receives any Gift

Never has she shown any Greed
An inch of luck is what she Need
Then the wheels would be set to Speed

I wish today, she turns Ferocious
In her acts becomes Voracious
While still being a Lady Gracious

1 comment:

Blogopedia said...

u have covered all aspects of lonely gurl.. i felt its related to me :) it is one of ur great article