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Monday, May 24, 2010

GOD is here

        The other day in my living room sitting before the T.V. set, I was watching Shereen Bhan reading out latest business news with intermittent inputs from Udayan Mukherjee interviewing a Business Honcho about contemporary trends in Stock Market, it was then that I quizzed myself, Don't these guys ever get bored of the Financial talk ? Do they never have mental fatigue ?, while trying to figure out a 1000 different ways to create more wealth, are they so happy doing all this; day after day and year after year, maybe because it’s their job or maybe even that they chose this profession only because they love Economics so much.

        Then suddenly, I was astonished at a strong realization, all these years since my birth and even before that, my father has been providing for the family, working hard day in and day out devising new ways to multiply the money and showering tender love on family members all at the same time. He has rightly put in his blood and sweat alike making the household grow from being utterly poor to fairly good, without complaining ever and always sacrificing his personal life.

        My mother following in his footsteps, in her own might chooses subtle but profound ways ignoring herself completely serving us day and night alike all these years, without even blinking and never taking a day off. Her life is a set of pains and tensions more harrowing and deeply secret, than that of my father's, she being a Woman.

        Still, my parents have never let us children to bear the brunt of the hell-fire scorching on them. They have all the while worked hard and loved us profusely. It takes infinite perseverance, strenuous hard-work and a golden heart to do, what my parents have been doing all along.

        I must admit, "God Exists on this Earth", for me it’s my parents, without a slightest doubt.

Dear Parents (my God),
                    Even if I put all my life working to serve you and love you, it is nothing compared to what you have done, to raise me, to teach me the way of life, the lessons to keep up with this world and inculcating in me the good habits and a base of a clean character you have established in me.
                    I hereby bow before you and vow to keep you happy all through your life; and will always remain under your careful eyes and make you proud by leading a righteous life.
Your son,


vijay said...

Amit, excellent blog themes and contents.I like your way of presentation,Thanking you...

Anonymous said...

being parents is the biggest trust dat has been given 2 human keep luvin ur parents..

Anonymous said...

Nice post

Well written


Sweetheart said...

v touchin yaar
feels grt to hav parents as livin legends in our lives

awesome words dude.....
keep it up