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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Best Day

Our children got married it was exhilarating, but no good
They earned their first salary we were proud, but no good
The best institutes trained them we were lucky, but no good
Their childhood was leagues ahead of other children's we were fine parents, but no good
The first cries of our baby rendered us speechless, but no good
Your womb was flowering our bloom, but no good
My parents regarded you as a beloved daughter, but no good
They accepted you as my lovely wedded wife, but no good
Our marriage was finally taking place, but no good
Our families agreed to our relationship, but no good
We were determined to be united, but no good
We were tied by the love-knot at the heart, but no good
Gradually love bonded us as if one, but no good
We found love in each other, but no good
We managed to speak daily, but no good
Love gave us a chance, but no good
The day I realized I needed you, my heart confessed that
it had always Loved You
and when You came to know this
You vowed to be mine forever, was so good,
It was the Best Day of our Life.

"I Love You Jaan."


moonlitened said...

Awesome brother, this is the first thing i read on ur blog and its stunning. ur womb flowerin my bloom sounded very corny to be frank. but then i read till the end and then read the whole thing again and it sounded then like it fit and i found the whole thing perfect
will do more reviewin later

Garima Bhatia said...

Ya..there are so many moments to be cherished and all are the best.

Good post, keep writing!