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Friday, February 5, 2010

World and Me

The world is eating idli breakfast
dipped in sex chutney
I am covering an eye or two
at the glimpse of bikini models
The world is masterminding in the bathroom
I am faster winding my problems in the darkroom
They romp like nude maniacs on bed
Giving their fetish one hell of a time
I hop awake at midnight to kiss goodnight my feeble life
For world it never comes to an end
For me that message was never sent

They are indulging in food
as an obsessive-compulsive-disorder
I am eating meagre
Only to remain damn hungry all day
Their stomachs maybe full I doubt
But their tongues are never at rest
My tongue has no taste
I occasionally blurt out in haste
Even that goes to waste

The people out there succeed like anything
Only they know how
Atop they reach and fold the ladder shut
The keys to the top are swallowed to their gut
Climbing humans are kicked back to ground
Only to go again for the next round
People like me live on pennies
The only thing I have is kindness like grannies
My contrast to the world will soon fade
They would lay me to rest with a thick blade
Even after death I would be a nothing
Although my whole life I struggled to be something.


Naveen said...

nice one dude!! i liked the flow....

Adisha said...

Hmmmm, interesting !!

ajay khubchandani said...


moonlitened said...

mm i didnt find this one as good as the others