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Friday, February 5, 2010

Life is a Desert

Life is a great desert
We are born at its lively centre
The centre of brutality, giving life to us
And brutally throwing us in this ruthless land
We dig deep down upto the dark waters
We force the food out of it
Striving through the desert of life
Sweating hard all along the veins
Immolating ourselves to this hellish place
Still tugging ahead in insomniac nights
The colourful fiestas come and go
Enchanting caravans are only a mischief of time
Everything before the eyes is a mirage
And inside the mind is insane
No living soul would ever come to you
Never willingly, if given a chance
The only subtle thread that pulls a human to you
Is nothing but Love
For because no one else would share the pain
And stand with you when the gloom rains
Believe the one whom likes your play
Everything else is a stale clay.

1 comment:

moonlitened said...

cant believe the same guy who wrote the erlier one can also write such a brilliant piece. really great imagery powerful use of language. weak here and there but overall effect is very strong. grammar problems in last 2 lines.