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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Birthday

     "Happy Birthday Amit", thats what I would have said to myself just now, instead of trying to ward off this cold off my chest.Also, this was what I used to say to myself on every 13th of February, yes, it's my Birthday today.

     Years ago this date was an epitome of a racing pulse,an awareness of a kind, the Birthday feeling oozing outta me continously all day long, cakes, chocolates, friends, celebration, get-together and above all my indulgence in every bit of each of these things.

     Today however, I don't see any reason or for that matter any hell of an urge to do a single bit from the aforesaid stuff. Because something has certainly changed, maybe its the growing up or breaking down. Mindwise,careerwise and wealthwise broken on every front, I have a simple birthday since many years where, I indulge in nothing but keeping quiet and staying home.

     This Birth-Day is a slow motion portion of time, to ponder over the years gone and think over the years to come and my position throughout. It's one of the Nature's ways,gifted to us to measure whatever we like to, using this thing called Birthday.

     I would not only hope but also try and see to it that my next birthday is a blast in its own might, a saga of a sort, a day of days and a rage of a thing.Till then, chewing the year hard.


Anonymous said...

wishin u happyy birhday......n successful life ahead....

Anonymous said...

u r gr8