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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Birthday

     "Happy Birthday Amit", thats what I would have said to myself just now, instead of trying to ward off this cold off my chest.Also, this was what I used to say to myself on every 13th of February, yes, it's my Birthday today.

     Years ago this date was an epitome of a racing pulse,an awareness of a kind, the Birthday feeling oozing outta me continously all day long, cakes, chocolates, friends, celebration, get-together and above all my indulgence in every bit of each of these things.

     Today however, I don't see any reason or for that matter any hell of an urge to do a single bit from the aforesaid stuff. Because something has certainly changed, maybe its the growing up or breaking down. Mindwise,careerwise and wealthwise broken on every front, I have a simple birthday since many years where, I indulge in nothing but keeping quiet and staying home.

     This Birth-Day is a slow motion portion of time, to ponder over the years gone and think over the years to come and my position throughout. It's one of the Nature's ways,gifted to us to measure whatever we like to, using this thing called Birthday.

     I would not only hope but also try and see to it that my next birthday is a blast in its own might, a saga of a sort, a day of days and a rage of a thing.Till then, chewing the year hard.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Charya Chhokra

Charya Chhokra muhinja dost
Charyan Chhoranjo mukhe shaunk
Charya Chhokra Agte Vadhan
Charya hamesha Charya rahan

Nindiya :
Heu hamesha nindakhro lage
Kam par sai sado kare
Ba chaar gaalyun sidhyun kare
Kuch na khanikare fitto kare
Waqt te endo aa waqt te vendo aa
Ulta-sidha kama kadhin na kando aa
Mehnat saan pahinjo jeevan safal banaindo aa

Hiltu Manu:
Om ta chae
Vari Hari Om b chae
Sabhniji budhe
Aun budhae b har kenhkhe
Khush rakhe sabhni khe
Sabhin lae ghano kuch kare
Hedo koi kaam naahe
Jeko heu na kare
Hikdi khaali gaal oondhi aa
Chhokro pahinjelae kuch na kare

Phatphatia te endo aa phatphatia te vendo aa
Late ta endo aa
Aun Jaldi b vendo aa
Budhando b ghano aa
Budhaindo b ghano aa
Huje na ko ka takleef
Ta dasa bhi deendo aa
Gaal chavan hikdi ta chhokro heu b sutho aa

Ad chae hik subhane chae ba
confuse kare mukhe chhade kithan jo b na
Hetryun saaryun gaalyun jeke heu kando aa
Aahin ta sahi mukhe b lagando aa
Hedi choice jeka heu deendo aa
Decision kharan takleef theendo aa
Gharvani sochendo aahiyan haane chha kayan
Aakhir vari hinakhe hi byobhi phone kando aahiyan

Disan mein suhino
Galaina jo mithdo
Heu mast hamesha rahando aa
Gusso keena kadhin kando aa
Muhinje hikde call te phatphati khani taiyaar hoondo aa
Shahar jo shahar b ghumaindo aa
Aun muhinjyu gaalyun b share kando aa
Sharmilo tha ghano par maanhu fantastic aa

Kuch na kayan maan matho pityaan maan
Galtiyun maan hi ghano sikhan maan
Hikdi JindDi sambhalje keena
Sabkuch kiyan sanwaryan maan
Khuda muhinji dua kabul kare
Jeevan je darya maan sukha saan mukhe paar kare

Charya Chhokra muhinja dost
Charyan Chhoranjo mukhe shaunk
Charya Chhokra Agte Vadhan
Charya hamesha Charya rahan

Friday, February 5, 2010

World and Me

The world is eating idli breakfast
dipped in sex chutney
I am covering an eye or two
at the glimpse of bikini models
The world is masterminding in the bathroom
I am faster winding my problems in the darkroom
They romp like nude maniacs on bed
Giving their fetish one hell of a time
I hop awake at midnight to kiss goodnight my feeble life
For world it never comes to an end
For me that message was never sent

They are indulging in food
as an obsessive-compulsive-disorder
I am eating meagre
Only to remain damn hungry all day
Their stomachs maybe full I doubt
But their tongues are never at rest
My tongue has no taste
I occasionally blurt out in haste
Even that goes to waste

The people out there succeed like anything
Only they know how
Atop they reach and fold the ladder shut
The keys to the top are swallowed to their gut
Climbing humans are kicked back to ground
Only to go again for the next round
People like me live on pennies
The only thing I have is kindness like grannies
My contrast to the world will soon fade
They would lay me to rest with a thick blade
Even after death I would be a nothing
Although my whole life I struggled to be something.

Life is a Desert

Life is a great desert
We are born at its lively centre
The centre of brutality, giving life to us
And brutally throwing us in this ruthless land
We dig deep down upto the dark waters
We force the food out of it
Striving through the desert of life
Sweating hard all along the veins
Immolating ourselves to this hellish place
Still tugging ahead in insomniac nights
The colourful fiestas come and go
Enchanting caravans are only a mischief of time
Everything before the eyes is a mirage
And inside the mind is insane
No living soul would ever come to you
Never willingly, if given a chance
The only subtle thread that pulls a human to you
Is nothing but Love
For because no one else would share the pain
And stand with you when the gloom rains
Believe the one whom likes your play
Everything else is a stale clay.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Kuch Ankahee Baatein

Main Sochta Hoon

Buddha chala na jaaye
Baapu ruk na jaaye
Maa thak na jaaye
Chacha rooth na jaaye
Chachi gum na jaaye
Bhai ka pyaar mar na jaaye
Chhota durr na jaaye
Behen parayi na ho jaaye
Jaanu se jhagda na hojaye
Dosti toot na jaaye
Apnon se rishta chhoot na jaaye
Parayon mein izzat na jaaye
Kismat foot na jaaye
Umrabhar kaamkaj na jaaye
Aanewala dhan yuhin vyast na jaaye
Mujhse kabhi imaan na jaaye
Jeetejee bacche chhodkar na jaaye
Marne ke baad mera naam na jaaye

Sirf itna chahta hoon

Meri aatma buraiyon ke ghar se chalijaaye
Aankhon se guroor chala jaaye
Mera ahankaar toot jaaye
Galti ka dussahas chala jaaye
Paap ka boj hat jaaye
Dukhon ka badal chhat jaaye
Mann se gham chala jaaye
Zindagi se dushman chala jaaye
Khushiyon se nind udd jaaye
Maut par se sawal chala jaaye

Jab sabkuch chala jaaye
Toh mere praan bhi chhupke se jaayein