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Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Lively Kitten

         This little kitten kept coming towards me and my friends everytime after we hushed it away, indicating it to find something or someone else to play with.It didn't budge even after several attempts.Then after so much drama I suddenly realised that, the kitten had no siblings and was seemingly hungry.

         We arranged some milk for it, all of which was completely licked.And as you can see it was only then, that we got some nice pictures of it, though most were boring I have put the better ones up here.

         Exactly a week after the above mentioned incident, when I went back at the same place, I took this photo just above, the kitten was sad and lazy, perhaps alone and starving real bad.Despite seeing all of this, I couldn't do much about it and had to leave.Since then, I haven't been there and I really wish to get there soon.

         By the way I have named it 'Heena'.


Jeetu said...

shosen a good name also visit her soon

Sucha said...

Good deed..! Not many of us can think of going out of our way for such jobs..:)

Nice photos too..May be you can get a little more creative with your writing ..Dont mind just think you can write better!

Subhasish said...

Like you many of us feel sad as we are helpless to lookafter and do something for the helpless and we leave themselves in the hands of destiny.We should be empathetic like you.Asked by someone Rabindranath Tagore answered for his favourite word which is "Anubhab", "Feel".

tapas said...

Good , natural in a way its fresh and something straight down ur heart thru ur pen drained down d paper but better adopt heena wishin lucks for her.