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Saturday, January 2, 2010


<1> Life = Work
        Truly, what is Life? Its 'Work' our Karma, our way of moving through the journey called 'Life'; and reaping its fruits all along.Everything in this world boils down to what we have done and how, thats all we and our Life is made up of.

But, Work ≠ Life
        Only Work, is not Life, work is a way of life, a part & parcel of life and not life itself. So, enjoy work and dont be an OCD patient.

<2> Guidance = Necessity
        In our life, we definitely need guidance and surely like to guide people around us, be it strangers at a railway station. We should take guidance with due respect and think over it before using it and if on the giving end we must dish out advice properly.

But, Necessity ≠ Guidance
        You definitely don't need guidance to read your books our visit your doctor.So if you don't get it just move along and try to be self-dependent by observing and learning on the go.
        Also, don't catchold of people and start guiding them over this & that,most people don't like it, so better keep it to yourself.

<3> Happiness = Cure
        Happiness is a cure of many sad moods, situations, problems,etc. Even if you are already happy a little extra happiness will make you swim into it.
        Someone happy makes us cheerful, lifts our spirits, which helps us to pass through difficult times and deal with critical situations in a proper way.Being Happy is blissful.

But, Cure ≠ Happiness
        There are some things where happiness can't do much.Some things are thrown out of order in our life due to our inconsistencies, laziness, carefree attitude and indiscipline. In such cases,we have to accept the fact that only hardwork and perseverance can pull us out of such situations,its only after this that the life crawls back to normalcy.

<4> Peace = Friendship
        To maintain peace among people at home, friends, different nations, etc friendship must be fostered. Friendship is a harbinger & promoter of peace.
        Firstly, friendship makes people give-up violence and when things start cooling down peace prevails.

But, Friendship ≠ Peace
        Though it brings in peace, friendship is not about peace at all. Friendship means being available at all times, unconditional emotional support, addressing other's problems as if own, even giving blood to save kin of friends.

        In life, the path of friendship is joyous but difficult to keep up with at various times, it questions our loyalty and a person has to prove it by selflessness and sacrifice.

<5> Sex = Life Partner
        For all married men and committed gents the simplest way to a sinfree life is, when you think about sex, think about your loving wife or your charming committed partner(if you are unmarried) thus keeping every possible trouble at bay and leading a good hassle-free life.

But, Life Partner ≠ Sex
        Go along with the former equation and not the other way round because, life partner doesn't mean just sex! She is a set of nice qualities, few cute flaws, a tower of experience, a source of love, a human being, just like you. So acknowledge the fact and treat her real good.


Kamal P said...

really really nice.. keep writing!

Naveen said...

u got sm gud equations in dere buddy!!