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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

If you are a Teacher

  • Promise only what you can really deliver, once done then stick to it and accomplish it at all costs.

  • Never ever talk about personal issues with other Teaching or Non-Teaching staff, let alone the students.

  • Be receptive enough to gauge each student's needs.

  • First have your basics thoroughly clear and facts right, then teach clear, deeper and harder.

  • Never cancel a lecture,it affects your image and pushes back the portion completion.

  • Accept the fact that, some students are fit to be thrown out of the class, if need be.

  • Never let any student fail, worst case scenario help him to just pass.

  • Push the brilliant one's harder, they can possibly make new records.

  • Always play diplomatically when stuck between students and institution.

  • Your results and discipline can give you the popularity you need in this field, establishing you as someone reliable for students and bankable for an institute.

  • Keep repeating sentences, so that important stuff gets nested in students' minds.

  • Keep revision lectures and class tests at regular intervals and keep students' parents informed about the performance of their child.

  • See potential in every student and try your level best to make it work.

  • As a Training Commander of students prepare them for the worst but hope for the best.


Anonymous said...

dis article is gr88 is dis a message 4 sme annoyin n least responsible teacher??

Naveen said...

sounds like u r a teacher( cant recall u tellng anythng abt it) or intend to become one....a good one!!

Anonymous said...

keep it up