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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Main Ek Insaan Hoon

Main ek insaan hoon
Bhookh aur pyaas hoon
Galtiyon ka pahaad hoon
Bhool ka yaar hoon
Ershya ka ghar hoon
Ahankar ka dher hoon
Buraiyon ki kheti hoon
Kamiyon ka jamavda hoon
Dhokhe ki jad hoon
Shadiyantra ka rachaita hoon
Vaasna ka sangi hoon
Ji haan main ek insaan hoon.

Shukrana Kudrat ka
Main ek insaan hoon
Prem ka dwaar hoon
Chahat ka dariya hoon
Izzat ka jharna hoon
Seekh ka paatra hoon
Insaaniyat ka saga hoon
Dosti ka pakka hoon
Dushmani ka kaccha hoon
Zindagi mein saccha hoon
Josh ki umang hoon
Umeed ka srot hoon
Asha ki kiran hoon
Hausle ka bhandar hoon
Vishwas ke kabil hoon
Bharose ke layak hoon
Ji haan main ek insaan hoon.

If you are a Teacher

  • Promise only what you can really deliver, once done then stick to it and accomplish it at all costs.

  • Never ever talk about personal issues with other Teaching or Non-Teaching staff, let alone the students.

  • Be receptive enough to gauge each student's needs.

  • First have your basics thoroughly clear and facts right, then teach clear, deeper and harder.

  • Never cancel a lecture,it affects your image and pushes back the portion completion.

  • Accept the fact that, some students are fit to be thrown out of the class, if need be.

  • Never let any student fail, worst case scenario help him to just pass.

  • Push the brilliant one's harder, they can possibly make new records.

  • Always play diplomatically when stuck between students and institution.

  • Your results and discipline can give you the popularity you need in this field, establishing you as someone reliable for students and bankable for an institute.

  • Keep repeating sentences, so that important stuff gets nested in students' minds.

  • Keep revision lectures and class tests at regular intervals and keep students' parents informed about the performance of their child.

  • See potential in every student and try your level best to make it work.

  • As a Training Commander of students prepare them for the worst but hope for the best.