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Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Design

I was so designed
to be born innately aligned
but when my Creator looked down upon me
I was totally maligned.

I coyly went offside
He still remained by my side
Every peccadillo of mine
was severely punished within no time
For every sin I committed
I was hanged many a times.

He never prohibited me go astray
but always taught in His alternative way
I never listen to what He say
thus He always keep me at bay.

I do some good then and now
He give me food to eat and bow
Life is not like that He say
I agree My Lord with answer I lay
I believe He gave me
a Life always good
the one which I have
badly accused,misused,abused and wasted profuse.

I will now cleanse every inch of mine
don't know what in return
He does to me in kind.


angel from heaven said...

Well written and concise

Naveen kumar said...

not a big God fan... but still nicely written