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Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Dear

... with you I am a Normal Man,
before you I was a Common Man,
after you happened to me
I have become Quite a Man.

Sometime back I was for you
a Particular Man,
but for you I needed to be
an Extra-Ordinary Man.

When you are away
I am an Impatient Man,
when you are around
I am a Dissolved-Into-You Man,
without you I would be
a Demolition Man.

I had always longed to be
your Special Man,
until you finally made me
the 'Forever Yours Man'.

P.S. I am really lucky to have you,
                   'Meri Jaan'


Anonymous said...

so mr. extra ordinary man who's dat lucky cme u think so out of d box every tyme......keep it up gud luk:)

Naveen said...

wonderfully expressed...MAN!!!

Naveen said...

wonderfully expressed...gud goin MAN!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, Man !! liked it.

rashmi - ibibo