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Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Design

I was so designed
to be born innately aligned
but when my Creator looked down upon me
I was totally maligned.

I coyly went offside
He still remained by my side
Every peccadillo of mine
was severely punished within no time
For every sin I committed
I was hanged many a times.

He never prohibited me go astray
but always taught in His alternative way
I never listen to what He say
thus He always keep me at bay.

I do some good then and now
He give me food to eat and bow
Life is not like that He say
I agree My Lord with answer I lay
I believe He gave me
a Life always good
the one which I have
badly accused,misused,abused and wasted profuse.

I will now cleanse every inch of mine
don't know what in return
He does to me in kind.

My Dear

... with you I am a Normal Man,
before you I was a Common Man,
after you happened to me
I have become Quite a Man.

Sometime back I was for you
a Particular Man,
but for you I needed to be
an Extra-Ordinary Man.

When you are away
I am an Impatient Man,
when you are around
I am a Dissolved-Into-You Man,
without you I would be
a Demolition Man.

I had always longed to be
your Special Man,
until you finally made me
the 'Forever Yours Man'.

P.S. I am really lucky to have you,
                   'Meri Jaan'

Tumhari Saasein...

Tumhari Saasein mera Jeevan hain,
Tumhara Lahoo meri Jaan,
Tumhari Dhadkanein meri Zindagi,
Tumhara Dil mera Ashiana,
Tumhara Mann mera Haseen Saathi.

Tumhari Aankhein mere Prem-Dwaar,
Tumhari Baatein mere Gehre Khayal,
Tumhara Hasna mera Sangeet,
Tumhara Chalna mere Dil ka tham-sa jaana,
Tumhara Saath mujhe sahlata Komal Ehsaas,
Tumhari khushiyan mere Saaton Rang.

Tumhara Gussa mere Hazaar Dukh,
Tumhara Ruthna mera Gunaah,
Tumhein Manana meri Pratham Khwahish,
Tumhe Chahna mera Dharm,
Tumhein Pyaar karna mera Karm,
Tumhare Paas rehna mera Farz.

Humari Zindagi Suhana Sapna,
Tumhara Pyaar Pehli Haqeeqat,
Mera Pyaar chhoti si Saugat.

...i love you