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Thursday, July 2, 2009

If I were your wife...

If I were your wife,
I would wake you up with a smile and some tea
I would keep the newspaper before you ought to see
I would nudge you away to visit the loo
so that I quickly clean-up the mess we do
Meanwhile, I would feed the birdies
which sing for us
Kiss our kids who are
so much in love with us
I would greet the elders "Good Morning", upright
because they are my parents more than thine
I would set the shower just fine for you
and be busy in the kitchen where you don't like me to
Fresh & wet as you come out
I will give you a naughty look to freak you out
I would cook many different meals as if I play
so that you taste a new thing each & everyday
I would see you dress through crisp & shine
& would polish your boots quick & fine
I would then drop the kids off to school
Your parents would eagerly wait for me as they are so cool
I would run through the groceries with your mom
and through a crossword will make your father's way out
I would file the documents you left flying all around
and pick-up crazy phone calls that whirl my brain round-n-round
I would keep your house always clutter-free
even when our children are on a running-spree
Everyone would be served before you come
I would be so anxious until you come
Whether you come home early or late
you will always find me at the table as your mate
I would nourish you well before we need to sleep
and by the window would have so many stars to peep
I would never let you keep a thing in your mind
and would see to it that before me, you completely unwind
I would naughtily peck you 'Good Night'
instantly, you would smooch me thick & tight
In your arms I would stick like a bee
as if you are a honey-comb, my dear hubby
I would exude Zest & Zeal
because thats what your love makes me feel
Only If I were your Wife.

Kati Ganji Phati Ganji

Kati Ganji Phati Ganji
hai yahi meri Ganji

Jab hum maidan mein utre
tab humse Sati Ganji
hum sang Dati Ganji

Jab dushman se hua saamna
tab Khichi Ganji Gussail Ganji

Jab kiye humne waar
tab Hansi Ganji Sacchi Ganji

Jab humpe aayi talwar
tab Royi Ganji Aansuon mein Bhigoyi Ganji

Jab dhaar hui aar-paar
tab Kati Ganji aur Phati Ganji

Jab hum hue lahu-luhaan
tab Laalam-Lal hui Ganji ye Badnaseeb Ganji

Jab thak-haar kar gire
tab Jaan se Judi
Neeji Ganji Wahi Ganji

Jab behoshi thi
tab bhi chipki rahi
Wafadar Ganji Imandar Ganji

Agli subah jab jaage
tab phir humse Sati Ganji
hum sang Dati Ganji

Ye meri Kati Ganji Phati Ganji
sada se hai
Acchi Ganji Sacchi Ganji