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Friday, May 1, 2009

What Am I ?

           I am, what I think I am.May be, a boy, a human being, a man, a person on this earth, an Indian, a somebody, I also think of me as a person composed of a few qualities of which I am aware about and many which I am not.

           I can be, what I believe I am, a macho from within, an intellect introvert-kind, a medium superman, a flexible every time person, an adjustable friendly someone, a pain in the arse for some, a bugger, chatter-box, etc.

           Further, I think that I am what others reflect OF me ON me, what they say, what gestures they make, what comments they pass, what actions they do, what chit-chat they share, what praise they express, what abuses they hurl, thats what perhaps accounts for what I really am, else how will I be sure that I have judged myself correctly.

           Is Human Mind so powerful that it can Judge itself thoroughly.Also, if it can't judge itself properly, how can it be judged by other people having the same Human Mind.

           I guess, I will have to wait another couple of years before I can figure, What Am I ?


annoying said...

well will say u relli hav tasted evry fruit of life n gr8 work

angel in disguise.... said...

hmmm...even i think sometimes this way...n my god..its scary..when u dont find apt answers!