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Friday, May 1, 2009

I have felt, realised and experienced that...

  • Think Thrice, before Saying anything.

  • Never ever Shout on anybody, it makes you look like the biggest Fool.

  • There are such Fools with whom even Intellectuals can't argue, if at all they do even then the fools have the last call anyways.

  • Purity always Inspires and so does Purity of Thought.

  • Simplicity is a Quality in itself.

  • Putting yourself in other People's place reveals a lot of things, that you could have ever imagined in your whole Life.

  • Some Mistakes of your life never leave you and they keep coming back to have a Piece of you.

  • A 'Concentrated Mind' spurs new realizations taking us towards a well led and a meaningful Life, full of deeper understanding of everything that pervades.

  • 'Karma' is the most essential thing for a well spent period of time called 'Life'.

  • There is no substitute for a Mother.


annoying said...

dats sumthin directil frm ur heart ur second work i liked pretty much

kishoremakhija said...

this one was really nice in ur blog