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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Main Ek Insaan Hoon

Main ek insaan hoon
Bhookh aur pyaas hoon
Galtiyon ka pahaad hoon
Bhool ka yaar hoon
Ershya ka ghar hoon
Ahankar ka dher hoon
Buraiyon ki kheti hoon
Kamiyon ka jamavda hoon
Dhokhe ki jad hoon
Shadiyantra ka rachaita hoon
Vaasna ka sangi hoon
Ji haan main ek insaan hoon.

Shukrana Kudrat ka
Main ek insaan hoon
Prem ka dwaar hoon
Chahat ka dariya hoon
Izzat ka jharna hoon
Seekh ka paatra hoon
Insaaniyat ka saga hoon
Dosti ka pakka hoon
Dushmani ka kaccha hoon
Zindagi mein saccha hoon
Josh ki umang hoon
Umeed ka srot hoon
Asha ki kiran hoon
Hausle ka bhandar hoon
Vishwas ke kabil hoon
Bharose ke layak hoon
Ji haan main ek insaan hoon.

If you are a Teacher

  • Promise only what you can really deliver, once done then stick to it and accomplish it at all costs.

  • Never ever talk about personal issues with other Teaching or Non-Teaching staff, let alone the students.

  • Be receptive enough to gauge each student's needs.

  • First have your basics thoroughly clear and facts right, then teach clear, deeper and harder.

  • Never cancel a lecture,it affects your image and pushes back the portion completion.

  • Accept the fact that, some students are fit to be thrown out of the class, if need be.

  • Never let any student fail, worst case scenario help him to just pass.

  • Push the brilliant one's harder, they can possibly make new records.

  • Always play diplomatically when stuck between students and institution.

  • Your results and discipline can give you the popularity you need in this field, establishing you as someone reliable for students and bankable for an institute.

  • Keep repeating sentences, so that important stuff gets nested in students' minds.

  • Keep revision lectures and class tests at regular intervals and keep students' parents informed about the performance of their child.

  • See potential in every student and try your level best to make it work.

  • As a Training Commander of students prepare them for the worst but hope for the best.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

My Design

I was so designed
to be born innately aligned
but when my Creator looked down upon me
I was totally maligned.

I coyly went offside
He still remained by my side
Every peccadillo of mine
was severely punished within no time
For every sin I committed
I was hanged many a times.

He never prohibited me go astray
but always taught in His alternative way
I never listen to what He say
thus He always keep me at bay.

I do some good then and now
He give me food to eat and bow
Life is not like that He say
I agree My Lord with answer I lay
I believe He gave me
a Life always good
the one which I have
badly accused,misused,abused and wasted profuse.

I will now cleanse every inch of mine
don't know what in return
He does to me in kind.

My Dear

... with you I am a Normal Man,
before you I was a Common Man,
after you happened to me
I have become Quite a Man.

Sometime back I was for you
a Particular Man,
but for you I needed to be
an Extra-Ordinary Man.

When you are away
I am an Impatient Man,
when you are around
I am a Dissolved-Into-You Man,
without you I would be
a Demolition Man.

I had always longed to be
your Special Man,
until you finally made me
the 'Forever Yours Man'.

P.S. I am really lucky to have you,
                   'Meri Jaan'

Tumhari Saasein...

Tumhari Saasein mera Jeevan hain,
Tumhara Lahoo meri Jaan,
Tumhari Dhadkanein meri Zindagi,
Tumhara Dil mera Ashiana,
Tumhara Mann mera Haseen Saathi.

Tumhari Aankhein mere Prem-Dwaar,
Tumhari Baatein mere Gehre Khayal,
Tumhara Hasna mera Sangeet,
Tumhara Chalna mere Dil ka tham-sa jaana,
Tumhara Saath mujhe sahlata Komal Ehsaas,
Tumhari khushiyan mere Saaton Rang.

Tumhara Gussa mere Hazaar Dukh,
Tumhara Ruthna mera Gunaah,
Tumhein Manana meri Pratham Khwahish,
Tumhe Chahna mera Dharm,
Tumhein Pyaar karna mera Karm,
Tumhare Paas rehna mera Farz.

Humari Zindagi Suhana Sapna,
Tumhara Pyaar Pehli Haqeeqat,
Mera Pyaar chhoti si Saugat.

...i love you

Thursday, July 2, 2009

If I were your wife...

If I were your wife,
I would wake you up with a smile and some tea
I would keep the newspaper before you ought to see
I would nudge you away to visit the loo
so that I quickly clean-up the mess we do
Meanwhile, I would feed the birdies
which sing for us
Kiss our kids who are
so much in love with us
I would greet the elders "Good Morning", upright
because they are my parents more than thine
I would set the shower just fine for you
and be busy in the kitchen where you don't like me to
Fresh & wet as you come out
I will give you a naughty look to freak you out
I would cook many different meals as if I play
so that you taste a new thing each & everyday
I would see you dress through crisp & shine
& would polish your boots quick & fine
I would then drop the kids off to school
Your parents would eagerly wait for me as they are so cool
I would run through the groceries with your mom
and through a crossword will make your father's way out
I would file the documents you left flying all around
and pick-up crazy phone calls that whirl my brain round-n-round
I would keep your house always clutter-free
even when our children are on a running-spree
Everyone would be served before you come
I would be so anxious until you come
Whether you come home early or late
you will always find me at the table as your mate
I would nourish you well before we need to sleep
and by the window would have so many stars to peep
I would never let you keep a thing in your mind
and would see to it that before me, you completely unwind
I would naughtily peck you 'Good Night'
instantly, you would smooch me thick & tight
In your arms I would stick like a bee
as if you are a honey-comb, my dear hubby
I would exude Zest & Zeal
because thats what your love makes me feel
Only If I were your Wife.

Kati Ganji Phati Ganji

Kati Ganji Phati Ganji
hai yahi meri Ganji

Jab hum maidan mein utre
tab humse Sati Ganji
hum sang Dati Ganji

Jab dushman se hua saamna
tab Khichi Ganji Gussail Ganji

Jab kiye humne waar
tab Hansi Ganji Sacchi Ganji

Jab humpe aayi talwar
tab Royi Ganji Aansuon mein Bhigoyi Ganji

Jab dhaar hui aar-paar
tab Kati Ganji aur Phati Ganji

Jab hum hue lahu-luhaan
tab Laalam-Lal hui Ganji ye Badnaseeb Ganji

Jab thak-haar kar gire
tab Jaan se Judi
Neeji Ganji Wahi Ganji

Jab behoshi thi
tab bhi chipki rahi
Wafadar Ganji Imandar Ganji

Agli subah jab jaage
tab phir humse Sati Ganji
hum sang Dati Ganji

Ye meri Kati Ganji Phati Ganji
sada se hai
Acchi Ganji Sacchi Ganji

Friday, May 1, 2009

Chana Masala

  • My Articles are halfway stuck on the line of thought in People's view, like a bunch of half-dried Red Underwear flung on clothesline under bright Sunshine.

  • The Pain that kills me is not mine but, my Father's.

  • I am the biggest Pain in the Arse, my friends might have ever had.

  • My Love doesn't know that I am a bloody Fool, an Idiot, a Retard and a Coward.

  • I can't speak a Word because, I do Nothing at all.

  • I am Sick, I know a lot of stuff but, I can't Write it down here, for you.

  • In Writing, some Thoughts are squeezed out as Infants and are then dressed up as Teenagers.

  • The least I can do for The Planet Earth is, feed the Animals and plant some Trees.

  • I have heard a lot about Shortcomings, Imperfect people and Incompatible pairs but, my Partner is Perfect for me.

  • Materialistic Junk always races Fastest to the deepest corner of my Heart, so does a Terrible Fear once in a while and nothing else can do that.

  • My Love is hurt badly, She is spilling blood from her mouth and I am enjoying something else, at the same time.

  • Lust is never Fulfilled.

  • If your Father says that you are a 'HaraamKhor', Life has a new Flavour altogether.

  • I have let down everyone in my Life, without an exception.

  • The thing ahead of me seems too tough to go through but, I know that it's logically possible,so I am going to try my hardest Ever.

What Am I ?

           I am, what I think I am.May be, a boy, a human being, a man, a person on this earth, an Indian, a somebody, I also think of me as a person composed of a few qualities of which I am aware about and many which I am not.

           I can be, what I believe I am, a macho from within, an intellect introvert-kind, a medium superman, a flexible every time person, an adjustable friendly someone, a pain in the arse for some, a bugger, chatter-box, etc.

           Further, I think that I am what others reflect OF me ON me, what they say, what gestures they make, what comments they pass, what actions they do, what chit-chat they share, what praise they express, what abuses they hurl, thats what perhaps accounts for what I really am, else how will I be sure that I have judged myself correctly.

           Is Human Mind so powerful that it can Judge itself thoroughly.Also, if it can't judge itself properly, how can it be judged by other people having the same Human Mind.

           I guess, I will have to wait another couple of years before I can figure, What Am I ?

I have felt, realised and experienced that...

  • Think Thrice, before Saying anything.

  • Never ever Shout on anybody, it makes you look like the biggest Fool.

  • There are such Fools with whom even Intellectuals can't argue, if at all they do even then the fools have the last call anyways.

  • Purity always Inspires and so does Purity of Thought.

  • Simplicity is a Quality in itself.

  • Putting yourself in other People's place reveals a lot of things, that you could have ever imagined in your whole Life.

  • Some Mistakes of your life never leave you and they keep coming back to have a Piece of you.

  • A 'Concentrated Mind' spurs new realizations taking us towards a well led and a meaningful Life, full of deeper understanding of everything that pervades.

  • 'Karma' is the most essential thing for a well spent period of time called 'Life'.

  • There is no substitute for a Mother.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

My Love You Are

My Love You Are
an Inspiration in my Desperation

My Love You Are
a Crucial Support against the Odds

My Love You Are
a Flower among Plants

My Love You Are
a Lantern in the Darkness of Fear

My Love You Are
a Bright Idea when my Thoughts Block

My Love You Are
a Protector of my Feeble Mind

My Love You Are
a Compass in my Chaotic Life

My Love You Are
a Charm at every Tete-a-Tete of Ours

My Love You Are
a Punching-Bag before my Rage

My Love You Are
a Sudden Surprise to my Calm Mind

My Love You Are
always a Cherry on my Happiness' Cake

My Love You Are
a Dictionary of Semantics of my Life

My Love You Are
a Pure pint of Water
in the deepest Trench of my Heart

My Love You Are
a Second's Tick in my Heart's Clock

You Are...
                                               ...My Love