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Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Lucky Loser

A Disaster at Academics.
But, fairly rich in intelligence.

Socially zero-valued.
But, few friendly ties tough enough.

Physically weak, immune system is bleak.
But, resolutions are rock-solid
and Fighting spirit is ON.

A small cog in the family.
But, approached by all.

Master of No Trade.
But, Jack of some.

Not a professional yet.
But, senses are sharp.

Misused by many.
But, really useful to some.

Quarreling utter bitterly sometimes.
But, patching up real sweet.

Getting angry too fast.
But, get chilled within seconds.

Very slow at deciding.
But, quick at guessing.

Creating new problems eternally.
But, boldly facing all of them.

Brain-dead for personal matters.
But, wise advisor for everyone else.

Reserve, shy and a bit coward.
But, a deep mind harbouring
strong morals, ethics and principles.

Getting nervous at all the events.
But, eventually passing out all of them.

Quick-wit is absent.
But, a very analytic mind.

This is what is nothing
But, A Lucky Loser.


Anonymous said...

sorry yaar cudnt chat wid u,
par tell me who was in ur mund wen u wrote dis .I shud say a very interesting thing to read,likd it a lot

Anonymous said...

yaar u really shown me the mirror or evn 2 evryone.i like dat.

Naveen said...

gr8 work dude...anybdy and evrybdy can see the self in it....

not known said...

While reading your poem it seemed like i was reading about me and knowing myself.. good one dude. Yes i don't know you but i know you as a good poet. keep it up :)