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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

An Indian Housewife

Having pleased her husband
the other night in bed
The set of tired bones
was unable to grab peace
Only rewarded brief naps
with intermittent nightmares
She struggles herself at the dawn
before any chirp in the town
Getting up her tots
early morning for school
By rubbing their heads
and shaking them free
Parcelling them sweetly to school
as if they were her only care
Next in line is husband dearest
waiting eagerly for his morning kiss
Then only will he come out of bed
and run through the daily chores he ought to have
The saltless breakfast she mistakenly made
is complemented by tantrums he in return gave
He never left home without a hug
but this day witnesses a different case
He went out storming
and slammed the door
The chirpy maid
is her only friend
With the help of whom
she cleans every inch
Making it look
like a heavenly place
Beating the laundry
she kills her stress
Doing the dishes
she spills her wishes
Which have no way to go
but only the sink
She cooks delicious meals
which affect none of her senses
For ironing she sits down
which often burns the shirts
That in yesteryears
she had gifted her hubby
In a bid to relax
she tunes in the radio
Running in her children come
calling Ma… Ma…
She reached out promptly
and loved them tightly
Children kissed their mummy
killing each of her worries
Soon came in the husband
seeming a bit perplexed
Intertwined home & office affairs
were to blame for
After munching the dinner
children were soon asleep
The husband sought comfort
in her soft hug
With all the love she had
she addressed his problems
On receiving her love
to his heart’s content
He couldn’t help but
lay peacefully asleep
She counted her joys
and saw them grow
Soon she too
was caressed by sleep.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

A Lucky Loser

A Disaster at Academics.
But, fairly rich in intelligence.

Socially zero-valued.
But, few friendly ties tough enough.

Physically weak, immune system is bleak.
But, resolutions are rock-solid
and Fighting spirit is ON.

A small cog in the family.
But, approached by all.

Master of No Trade.
But, Jack of some.

Not a professional yet.
But, senses are sharp.

Misused by many.
But, really useful to some.

Quarreling utter bitterly sometimes.
But, patching up real sweet.

Getting angry too fast.
But, get chilled within seconds.

Very slow at deciding.
But, quick at guessing.

Creating new problems eternally.
But, boldly facing all of them.

Brain-dead for personal matters.
But, wise advisor for everyone else.

Reserve, shy and a bit coward.
But, a deep mind harbouring
strong morals, ethics and principles.

Getting nervous at all the events.
But, eventually passing out all of them.

Quick-wit is absent.
But, a very analytic mind.

This is what is nothing
But, A Lucky Loser.