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Monday, September 8, 2008

White Light

I go berserk at times
The tension swirling up in me
It blows up my self
Exploding every inch of me
Crashing all the way I go
Ramming everything head on
I feel as unlucky as a cannon
Only waiting to blow again
The calmness is volatile
Only an accomplice of an aftermath
My Luck plays Termagant to me
Ridiculing my sane acts
In this unruly life
I wait incessantly for it to come
And cut me open on all fronts
Giving me a Life to live
I wait for a White Light.

Iron Horse

The Long wait is no wait
To ride it I can always wait
It’s a phenomenon I can never hate
I gaze at an eternal trail
Traversed a Gazillion times by the Iron Horse
Yet, seems always afresh
Sparking in me a perky desire
To catch hold an Iron Horse
And travel all through the land in sight
As if I was born that very day.
The humongous Giant is so graceful
It always takes you by surprise,
Whether arriving or disappearing
It’s a display of sheer power
And an undying perseverance
It inspires one and all.
Pumping Metal on Metal
It is rightly called the Iron Horse.