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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Poem - You and Me

I am your husband (sorry)
You are my wife (thank you)

I always cared for you,
but took you for granted (sorry)
You've been always with me (thank you)

When I hurt you,
I didn't share your pain (sorry)
You've always wiped my tears (thank you)

Many times I have lied to you (sorry)
Sooner or later you have always confided in me (thank you)

My impatience caused you many problems (sorry)
You somehow dealt with them (thank you)

Sometimes I forgot you (sorry)
Your mind was always filled with me (thank you)

Whenever I shot you with questions (sorry)
You replied calmly, nicely (thank you)

I commit mistakes repeatedly (sorry)
You punish me severely (thank you)

I don't give my 100% (sorry)
You never complain (thank you)

I gave you something (sorry)
You never asked for anything (thank you)

I intensely do one thing