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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Something about LOVE

Never ever miss even a single chance to tell your Beloved how much you love Him/Her.Its only in their absence or when you are away from them you recall all the potential moments where you could have shown your love to them in any possible way and then you regret from your every bit, that why didn't I let him/her know that I loved him/her, be it a millionth time.

Its true that it takes a few seconds to say "I Love You", few hours to explain it and a Lifetime to Prove it.

Never take anything for granted, its a big mistake specially in relationships, you never know what Life has in store for you.Always hold on tight your Beloved shower all the love and take His/Her care religiously.

In Love, never let a situation take place which makes you utter the words, "I wish, if only I had....", because, the Regrets in Love are the Greatest Pain to the Heart.

Bitter words spoken by a Loved One are sharp enough to draw a hole straight across your heart and keep you aching indefinitely.

Always convey,remind and reassure the fact that, 'You Love and are There' for your Beloved in all the times and in every bit of Life.

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dino218 said...

good work bro