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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Some things to Say

* Love is caring always, giving all & listening ever.

* Its not necessary to share every secret between friends but, still a friend must be understanding all the times.

* If my dreams would only turn true I will be the happiest because, I will have You with me.

* Live to the fullest every moment, for not a single second of time can be revived.

* Your destination is not the heights of success but, the hearts who have believed in you.

* The nothingness of life is a harbinger of journey to begin in the untraveled worlds awaiting us.

* I wander in search of it, meeting new people, coming to new places, getting to digest a lot about this and that, still I wander about, further getting to know the depths of Me hidden till today from Me, I amaze & yet i wander again, for I don't know what I am still looking for.

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