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Thursday, May 29, 2008


Inflicting pain upon somebody is as easy as saying 1, 2, 3, While, redressing it maybe, even more painful for the one ailing. That’s because a hurt mind is a hot pot left for cooling on its own and consoling a hurt mind is as good as playing with it. Thus consoling someone in pain may even backfire, or may cause sufferer to Re-Live the pain.

When Pain shows up, at first the only thing we can think of is running away from it but, the more we try to run the more it deepens.When we stop resisting, it comes through and makes us feel the strange thing which we can't describe but feel and its nothing but Pain. We try our best to express it thinking it might subside; it only distracts us and nothing else.

The only two ways of getting out of it are Kill its source or Go through it, pain can't be Ignored.Sometimes only second one works, and that teaches us a lot of things, etching them permanently on our minds.

The biggest mistake is, only trying to cure it and not getting to its cause which is, the onset of next suffering.

Taking away someone's pain is really a Task. It takes a lot of efforts and perseverance to cure somebody of Pain whether physical or emotional, the caretaker must be himself in a very strong position in Life to face that State of Pain and make
the sufferer come out of it.

Always try to avoid giving Pain to anybody and try ever to take it away from the ones you can.

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-Good piece of information.